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  • We know the origin of each ingredient, we work directly with those who grow our food
  • We only use organic and locally produced ingredients
  • We do everything at home, we do not use any type of processed food
  • We offer a sugar and oil free plant-based diet



Sikil P´aak  / 95

Squash seed paste seasoned with sour orange, coriander, tomatoe and a very ligth touch of habanero chilli.  Served with native corn toasts on the side


Inked Mushrooms / 110

Oyster mushroom inked in “black recado” from Yucatan Peninsula on top of a mango bed. Native corn with beetroot toasts on the side


Fake Papatzul / 150

Sautéed veggies tacos showered with a squash seewt sauce from Yucatan. Our own Plant Based versión of a very traditional dish in the peninsula


Pibil Mushrooms /140

5 oyster mushrooms tacos marinated in a delicious pibil sauce emulating traditinal “Cochinita Pibil”. It is served with habanero chilli and beans on the side


Squash Biznaga / 125

Native squash filled with a sweet picadillo of oyster mushroom, sitted on a seed soil acompainned with a olive cream 

Ceviche / 90

In tamarind sauce, with jicama, cucumber and pepper. On three native corn tostadas nixtamalized at home


Chileajo / 75

Mixture of tanned vegetables, with guajillo chili sauce. Served on 3 native corn tostadas. Not spicy. A refreshing starter, perfect for the heat!


Memelas / 70

2 memelas with asiento of seeds and homemade almond cheese

Try them with: huitlacoche, nopales or the special of the day / 85


Nopales Salad / 80

Cactus, herloom tomato,onion and herbs. With native corn toast


Guías soup / 110

Traditional Oaxacan soup based on stems and pumpkin flower, with corn and chepil, a fresh sprout with healing properties


Miso Bean Soup / 110

Red bean soup with homemade miso of hoja santa. It is served with homemade almond cheese, squash blossom and avocado. 




Enmolada / 150

Handmade tortillas dipped black mole. Combines toasted flavors with a touch of chocolate. Non spicy


Enchilada / 150

Handmade tortillas dipped in red mole, prepared with red chilchuacle chilli. With sweetened sours notes. Little spicy


Stew / 170

Made with miltomate and sesame seed.Has vinegar notes. It is served with potatoes a touch of capers and pickled chilli


Almond Mole / 170

An almond base with heirloom tomato and cinnamon. It is served with potatoes, olives and pickled chilli


Chichilo / 130

With pasilla, memo and black chilhuacle peppers. Spiced with roasted avocado leaf. Served with potatoes, chayote and green beans. Not spicy


Green / 120

With miltomate and a mix of fresh herbs. It is served with white beans and chayote



With mushrooms / +50


Mushroom Tacos (5 pieces) / 130

In adobo of guajillo chili, with coriander and pineapple. Homemade native corn tortilla, accompanied with lemon and avocado


Tetela de quintonil / 130

Tasty triangle-shaped corn masa that is stuffed with black beans and cooked on our clay griddle. Made with native corn and with heirloom tomato puree and corn sprouts on the side


Tlayuda  / 95

With huitlacoche, also known as mexican truffle, and squash blossom / 125


Taco placero / 120

With salad and guacamole on the side. Filled with one of the following options

  • Potato with poblano chili
  • Huitlacoche



Enchiladas de Hoja Santa / 95

Hand made tortillas dipped in green miltomate sauce, stuffed with mixed vegetables.With black beans with poleo, almond cheese and homemade almond cream



Icecream / 80

Made with seasonal fruits


Oaxaca chocolate creamy / 80

Made with artisan chocolate from Oaxaca


Chocotale brownie & Ice crean / 110

Chocolate cake with strawberry marmalade



Natural Soda / 50

Artisanal sparkling water with seasonal fruit


Fresh water of the day / 25


Horchata / 50

Our plant based version of a tradicional water,  made with homemade almond milk


Fruta coco / 70

Seasonal fruit, natural coconut, home made  almond milk and artisanal agave nectar


Natural Clamato / 50

Spiced tomatoe juice 


Artisan mineral water/ 40


Tepache / 60

Fermented pineapple-based drink, prepared with tamarind 


Traditional café de olla / 25

Traditional coffee with cinnamon 


Oaxacan hot Chocolate 

Artisan Chocolate with mexican cacao

Traditional chocolate with water / 45

With home made almond milk / 55





Mojito / 90

Pepermint, lime, artisanal sparkling water with oaxacan rum and a touch of agave syrup


Margarita / 90

Mezcal espadín, lime and agave syruo


Tom collins / 90

Lemon Juice, artisanal sparkling water and oaxacan Gin


Caipiriña / 90

Lemon, artisanal sparkling water, oaxacan cachaza and a touch of agave syrup


Fruti Colada  / 90

Seasonal fruit, natural coconut, home made almond milk and oaxacan rum


Dragón verde / 120

Oaxacan Gin with a taste of perpermint and avocado leaf,  artisanal sparkling water and agave syrup


Oaxaqueño / 90

Our tepache with mezcal espadín


Tropical / 90

Pasion fruit, toronjil syrup, hibiscus and chingre with artisanal sparkling water


Cocktail of the day / 90-120

Ask for our special of the day



Maestro Julio Santiago Velasco

San Pedro Teozocalco, Oaxaca

Destillled in clay


Agave Type:


Cucharilla / 225

52% Vol. Alc


Jabalí /225

52% Vol. Alc


Papalometl / 225

52% Vol. Alc




Maestro Calixto Ángeles

San Pablo Lachiriega, Quiatoni, Oaxaca

Agave Type:


Tepextate / 225

50% Vol. Alc


Cuishe / 150

50% Vol. Alc


Tobalá / 150

50% Vol. Alc


Mexicanito / 150

50% Vol. Alc


Espadín destilado con fruta de la pasión / 100

50% Vol. Alc


Espadín especial / 250


50% Vol. Alc



Maestro Juan Morales

San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca

Agave Type:


Barril / 150

50% Vol. Alc


Cirial / 150


50% Vol. Alc



Maestro Juan Óscar Vásquez

Sta. María Quiegolani, Oaxaca

Agave Type:


Tobalá / 150

48% Vol. Alc


Espadín reposado en penca / 225

47% Vol. Alc


Espadín / 150

48% Vol. Alc


Espadín especial / 250


48% Vol. Alc



Maestro Abel Ramírez

Mengolí, Oaxaca

Agave Type:


Tepextate / 225

52% Vol. Alc


Jabalí /225

52% Vol. Alc


Coyote / 225


52% Vol. Alc