Precolombian and traditional oaxacan food

History talk & Tasting

5-course menu with talk about history of cooking in Mesoamerica

  • Processes and ingredients of the milpa diet

  • Keys for the deindustrialization of our food


$1300, per person

$1000 per person, 2 or more people 


Duration: 1h

Max. 14 people


Who shares this experience?

Hi! I am Mariana, I am passionate about the history of food and nutrition, I have Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science (2016). My research focuses on the intersection between the history of knowledge and the role of women in the development of technologies, with particular interests in the history of food, the city and contemporary practices of political organization around food. I work from a feminist, anti-racist and anti-colonial perspective.


I am editor at Pochote Press publishing house in Oaxaca City, and co-founder of the deindustrialized kitchen, Hierba Dulce.


I have been part of the Red de feminismos decoloniales since 2008

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